Parent Corner

Dinoland works to make children successful learners.

Young children are sponges for learning. From birth to age six, they are making giant developmental strides, more than at any other time in life. In fact, the brain forms as many as 700 neural connections per second before the age of six. In this critical window, high quality education is the key to unlocking their potential. Young children who are given the right support and stimulation at school are excited to learn and ready to thrive-academically, emotionally and socially.

Give your child the learning advantage with our Dinoland Preschool. We offer your child an energetic head start to succeed in a globally complex world with a curriculum that integrates best practices having teachers that are highly trained to promote a culture of inquiry, providing an environment that is safe and inclusive and a learning experience that integrates audio-visual, digital, print and outdoors in unique activities to engage and entertain them.

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